(1). American English:

The worst manifestation of an oblique bastard tongue.

Rather than turning heaven to hell, the process of Americanising English is like watching a horror movie sequel: the original was bad, but the next installment will be much worse.

(2). American English:

Soon to be renamed "Microsoftonese".

Seriously, has anyone ever managed to switch the Word spell-check to English-English?

NOTE: if you have

- obtained a PHD in a nerdy IT subject; or
- are addicted to Jolt Cola and computer games; or
- are 30+ years of age and still yet to experience a woman's touch

Then please, PLEASE, consider that question rhetorical.

(3). American English:

The bane of high school English teachers. Have you found anyone else that cares?
In the strictest sense, American English refers to the Americanised (or Americanized) spelling of English words. That is evident from the term itself, which consists of the noun "English" qualified by the adjectival "American". What most of these people have failed to realise is that "Americanisms", or distinctly American slang or vernacular is NOT American English. Who knows... maybe one day the corpus of Americanisms will be so great that one might refer to English American. Or has that day arrived?

by moolz January 20, 2005
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An abomination of mis-spelt and mispronounced words backed up by half witted ill informed historical inaccuracies, go and ruin Spanish instead you big foreheaded country leaving twats
Aah wash mahself with a raag own a stiack
by Fon March 31, 2005
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A different (Read wrong) system of spelling the English language used by citizens of the United States who cannot be bothered to learn the correct spelling of simple words.

usually involves missing out letters, switching the order or just using the complete wrong word

closest comparison can be asking a small child to spell a word and making a dogs ears of it.
English spellings: Colour, Centre, Honour, Draught

American English spellings: Color, Center, Honor, Draft
by Steve168762 November 06, 2010
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It may be a bastardization of English-English, but the majority of English speakers live in America. If you went the majority, American English is the proper form of English.
There are some 508 million English speakers in the world, and some 280 million of them live in the USA.
by JakeStar May 03, 2005
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