Regardless of what that idiot "Stalin" said at the bottom of the page, BOTH of the turning-point battles of World War Two in which the Axis Powers officially went on the defensive were fought AND WON almost entirely if not entirely by the Americans - The Battle of Midway, in which the Japanese Navy was defeated, and the Battle of the Bulge, in which the German Panzer Corps was defeated and the German Army exhausted.
Note - ALMOST THE ENTIRE WAR AGAINST JAPAN WAS FOUGHT BY THE AMERICAN NAVY!!!! If not for America, World War Three would have been fought between the Empire of Japan and the Empire of Nazi Germany for world dominance.
Ever hear of Dunkirk? Or maybe taking paris in one day? you think the english could have staved hitler? hahahahahahahah all england did in world war 2 was appease hitler and give him more land, untill he wanted england.
America did nothing in world war 2, yea right you morons.
by yankee June 08, 2005
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