To play this, you need to rent a plane and 6 parachutes and one that's string pulls off and doesn't unfold. All 6 have to be identical in order to play. Make sure no one knows which one is which. Find a bunch of dumb-ass Americans and load up the plane. Be at a hight where if you fall you cannot possibly survive the fall. Now, give out one parachute to each American. Then, all of you have to jump out at the same time. (Try counting to 3 then jump all at the same time.)
Hey, lets go sky diving, guys. Ever hear of American Roulette?
by Talking Orange March 07, 2011
Top Definition
Sort of like Russian Roulette but American style.
1. Order a shit load of pizza.
2. Find a bunch of Americans stupid enough to play
3. Those two take turns eating slices of pizza
4. When it gets to a high amount of pizza the competitors take turns taking one bite each.
5. The winner is the last person who hasn't puked or opted out of the competition.
6. In the case of a tie the two who tied continue until someone pukes again.
American #1: Hey you guys want to play some American Roulette? I haven't eaten in a whole 30 minutes.
American #2: Sure. I'm starving too.
American #3: I'm in.
American #4: Me too.
by BT596 January 17, 2011
Biking blindliy in black at night on the left side
American Roulette on a bike
by Bauldrdash Thunderballs January 04, 2015
(Verb) The act of copulating with multiple partners, without the use of any form of protection as well as finishing inside your partner see cream pie.
Friend "Man last night I hooked up with this girl I totally didn't wrap it and I filled her up."
Me " Arent you worried about babies and, well you know AIDS?"
Friend " Nah man I love playing American Roulette!"
by BitchenBob March 29, 2013
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