2 definitions by BT596

Description of something truly gansta and thuggish. Only used to describe the most gansta thug shit ever.
Mr. Laiti is the most gangstathugnificant teacher at our school.
He lays mad rhymes in his computer graphics class.
by BT596 January 11, 2011
Sort of like Russian Roulette but American style.
1. Order a shit load of pizza.
2. Find a bunch of Americans stupid enough to play
3. Those two take turns eating slices of pizza
4. When it gets to a high amount of pizza the competitors take turns taking one bite each.
5. The winner is the last person who hasn't puked or opted out of the competition.
6. In the case of a tie the two who tied continue until someone pukes again.
American #1: Hey you guys want to play some American Roulette? I haven't eaten in a whole 30 minutes.
American #2: Sure. I'm starving too.
American #3: I'm in.
American #4: Me too.
by BT596 January 17, 2011

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