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n. A promise that's expressed by someone who doesn't fully realise the importance of keeping promises they make to someone else. This kind of promise is generally impossible to keep because the promiser has no influence or control over the situation whatsoever. Alternatively, these promises might get broken because the promiser, knowingly or otherwise, lacked the commitment or the know-how/energy/ability to fully see it through.

Derived from American (Hollywood) films and TV shows that contain characters, who make this kind of promise.
Examples of American promises:

1st Character: "Oh, no she's gonna die!"
2nd Characer: "No she's not. She's gonna live. I promise."

"I'll be there - I promise." Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger - Jingle All The Way), In response to his son, Jamie, asking him to make it to his Karate Class.
by eXDax July 10, 2008
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