Green Day's newest album. Its an amazing rock opera that combines muscial genius with the cold hard truth. People keep on dissing it because it made them more famous then they were before or because its different from the rest of the albums. I think its the most popular because its anti-Bush and most (hopefully all) people today hate him, and secondly, so what if its different? Its still amazing, but so are Dookie and Nimrod.
I saw a big difference between St. Pepper's and Revolver but no one said The Beatles sold out.
by Fannerz April 03, 2005
Worst of the Green Day Cd's
i like green day, but not american idiot...
by Kernable February 16, 2006
an album that has been mistakingly compared to the who's "tommy" album. yes, the songs combined do tell a story, just like "tommy," but in no way is it as good as tommy or even the worst album the who could come up with. green day is a fake-punk band and people think that they are punk for listening to green day and skateboarding. that is 100% incorrect. spiking your hair, cutting your wrists, and shopping at hot topic does not make you punk, neither does listening to american idiot.
educated person: do you know who the first punk band was?

emo/fake punk: totally green day man! either them or my chemical romance? or is it blink 182?

educated person: you need to be shot.
by clevelandsteamer August 25, 2005
1. Any half-witted MTV bopper who voted for John Kerry because he was told to. Of course, they fiercely maintain that they came up with their opinions on his own, but coincidentally they didn't have them until told what opinion he should have by MTV,, or some other source of opinions for mindless drones.
2. Somebody who thinks that adding a definition to this word that refers to George Bush is the height of wittiness.
Dude, the real definition of American Idiot is George Bush. Hehehe.
by think4yourself June 06, 2005
A boring album form a generic MTV pop-punk band. It's really is a shame that so many people hail this album for being ground breaking and thought provoking. Amazing a band speaks out against Bush during a time when it is basiacally a fad to hate him. Thirty years ago real punk bands were speaking out against the government, long before punk was sold on wristband at hot topic.
Greenday was an ok band but this album was pure shit
by Ass Master Jake July 13, 2005
any neuron deprived fucktard that thinks theyre all of a sudded a "punk" because they listen to greenday.
greenday is the gayest, talentless, sellout, garbage, poser, shit that has ever plagued this earth.
i fucking hate american idiot.
by MetallibangeR December 18, 2005

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