A country that everybody bashes because they hate to admit that it's better than their country. America is and for a long time will be the greatest nation the Earth has ever seen. With the most prestigious universities, hottest women (only exception: Brazil), richest people, and stunning cities (New York City is undeniably the best city in the world); America rules the planet. Don't hate the nation, hate the truth. ;)
American: and you hate me why?
European: because you're American.
American: what's wrong with that?
European: ........ugh....because you're better than me.
by escalade94 July 12, 2011
1. A land mass south of Canada and North of Mexico--in the middle--Naturally.

2. A whirlpool of many different ideals, races, religions, cultures, etc

3. A country falsely represented by the top 3% of its population in the media.

4. Also known as The United States of America; not to be confused with the continent North America--comprising the previously mentioned countries.

5. Contrary to poopular, oops I mean popular opinion, the US Government is not equal to the whole of the US population. However, efficacy in governance is dead in this country and has been for decades.

6. America is not the devil. However, being the superpower that it is, power corrupts and the real masters of puppets--the world bank and IMF control American foreign interests and policy. This may seem impossible but conspiracies do exist and this one is real. The New World Order is an agenda not a group of people or person(s).

7. 911/Afghanistan/Iraq are all proof conspirators(world bankers) can fool the world and get away with it. Too bad the scapegoat happens to be the most successful civilization in recorded history.

8.America has been equated to old Rome. If that metaphor comes true then America will fall.

9. America will once be a sad example of deception vs. free will

10. A corporation defended by soldiers sworn to a constitution.
Me:"I, soldier of misfortune, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."
by soldier of misfortunes November 20, 2010
If the niggas hate then let 'em hate

Watch the money pile up
Gman : 50 Knew what he was talking about

by Gman2255 April 20, 2010
A country where the only thing worse than the politicians is the television.
Obama may be wreaking havoc on America, but you should just count your blessings that Snooki isn't in charge.
by Karma Fallon January 18, 2012
Canada's underwear
Geographically speaking, America really is Canada's underwear.
by Gilbert Weillschmidt October 29, 2011
A place a lot of other countries hate, but when needed they turn to for help. Many other countries' problems are blamed on America unfairly, even though the U.S. creates more problems than solutions. It is un-liked by many countries. It is a country of freedom, promise, hope, and love. They may have problems, but overall they truly care for each other. Also, many other countries make fun of them for being fat.
Person 1: I want to move to America.
Person 2: Good idea! I love it there!
by Kaligal July 10, 2012
The most beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, soulful, fun, silly, exciting, pretty, lalalallalalalalalalalaaaaaaaa person:)
America is hot.
by heyfanfour August 03, 2010

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