The country everyone complains about, but wouldn't dare to leave because they couldn't survive without freedom , mcdonalds, technology.
America is so shitty these days,i hate it. "then why dont you just leave?"i cant man, just renewed my WOW subscription .
by bdog1 May 26, 2015
1. A word which normal people use to refer a certain continent.

2. A word which stupid people use to refer a certain country.
Carlos: Fuck dis man, Ima jumping the Mehico border to go to America man.

Rodrigo: You stupid spic, you already are in America .
by SUPERCHARGED December 11, 2012
The FUCK YOU country, The United States. The Greatest country on Earth, despite what Newsweek will lead you to believe, FUCK YOU Finland! I believe that we should move our decrepit parent Great Britain in our house and take care of it. So England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, will be the newest four states. Then we should go around the world annexing any country that speaks English and make them territories. Then blow up every country that doesn't speak English as a primary Language. That's how it already works, all the countries that speak English are riding our coattails. That would leave the United States not only as the greatest country on Earth but the only country on Earth.
"Hey Will."

"Yeah Chris."

"We live in the greatest country on Earth, America."

"Why is that."

"For starters, two words: nuclear-fucking-weapons."

"Good point, now lets go shooting then make fun of the government."

"Yep we can do that because we are White Christian Men who only have sex with women."

(Both Together) "YEAH!!!"
by The A**hole August 18, 2010
America is made up of North America, South America, and Central America. Most commonly used by those who live in the United States as a name for their country, because they sometimes forget other countries exist.
"Oooh, this IS better! But the costume, so tight! Still, I can feel a righteousness surging! 'Hey,wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, and patriotism? God bless America!"
by stophurtingme April 02, 2014
The casual way of saying the United States of America. A country everyone else seems to hate. People think the people that live there are all fat, stupid, over-patriotic, religious freaks, and other extremely negative stereotypes that just aren't true. America is a country with fifty states. The prominent language is English and is just a place. (Why does everyone on here hate America/Americans/shit you really shouldn't care about if you hate it this much????) jeez needed some positive definitions :\ idk
"America is the third largest country in the world." -person
"I feel enlightened."-person
by JustsomepersonlivinginNewYork September 26, 2013
This is for my fellow Hetalians!
America (Alfred.F.Jones) is a country who takes from absoulutly no crap form anyone. So like me.

He loves eating cheese burgers and also he sees himself as a hero.
America is bae
by http.Italy_chan March 26, 2016
The arrogant, bastard child of England, this country is the wildest colony turned independent nation from England. Free health care, free college tuition aint 'Murican so fuck it. Greatest and worst country in the world at the same time.
Idiot 1: Hey, where do dreams come true?
Idiot 2: In fkn America.
SmartGuy: It's a nightmare if you're a Muslim.
Idiot 1: But Muslims aren't 'Murican.
by Wuhrdsmyth March 06, 2016
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