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a country that most of the world hates because of their noisiness. they feel the need to meddle in every country's business even when it doesn't concern them. they usually think of themselves when going to " help " other countries. seriously america , if the country didn't call for help , don't meddle in their business.
did u hear of america ?
yeaa.. that nosy country , of course
by nana afia July 07, 2011
is full of fat hahahahahhahahahahahahahah. geez it's called healthy eating. AMERICAN OBESITY EPIDEMIC LOL SUCKED IN
eat salad
drink water
stop snacking on maccas
get a life
there is more to eating
american: hey fattyboomsticks want another cream cake?
by america is fat yay May 23, 2008
Where you'll find Americans.
I'm moving to America! ^_^
by Tory the Hermit June 23, 2014
America is made up of North America, South America, and Central America. Most commonly used by those who live in the United States as a name for their country, because they sometimes forget other countries exist.
"Oooh, this IS better! But the costume, so tight! Still, I can feel a righteousness surging! 'Hey,wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, and patriotism? God bless America!"
by stophurtingme April 02, 2014
A place where 80% of its population are guaranteed to be fat, stupid, and lazy.
Asking a person from America for help is like asking a monkey relationship advice.
by a random brit September 29, 2012
A unique country in both excellent and tragic ways, generally perceived as a pushover, bully-filled land of ignorant obese people and rednecks by those particularly unfamiliar with the country (though they are partially correct). Currently facing immense debt to other nations (particularly China), a long economic recession, steadily rising currency inflation, military overspending, a weak education system, and massive troop deployments in the Middle East without an end in sight. President is Barack Obama, Senate is controlled by Democrats while House is controlled by Republicans (which means shit don't happen fast). Not what it could've been, but not the shithole people'd like to think it is.
The general concession that Americans are all uneducated conservatives is about as true as the citizens of any other country.
by MLGQXLC March 20, 2011
The most powerful, wealthy, technologically advanced country on Earth. It is also among the most hated nations, mostly because it rejects altruism and makes everyone else look bad.
France, 1880: "America will never be a cultural center."

America invents television.

France, 1920: America will never be a military power.

America drives the NAZI's from Western Europe(including France) and the Japanese from the Pacific Ocean.

France, 1950:"War is stupid, only losers take part in them. America is a backward, barbaric country."
by Jon, The Troof February 19, 2011