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The most racist, backwards country of cretins in all of Earth.

Must be a KKK member to participate in any political office or get ridiculed for it till the day you die and Earth ends.

The most nosy country and gets stuck in wars halfway across the continent.
Stubborn enough to split straight through the ground and is home to 95% of the worlds obese people.
The justice system is equivalent to the scum under my shoe.
So stuck up and greedy people are suing homeless people for walking on their side of the sidewalk.
Fake boobs stiffer than tree bark, plastic surgery, and slim waists is what's hot.
Now known as home of the weed, even so cocaine packs washed up on southern beaches.
Everyone that is not white is still being treated as if they were walking, breathing poop from sewer systems.
So far in debt the government shutdown twice, and governors are caught posing as young Mexicans sending pictures of their body parts to girls that could be their childrens children.
Police officers are so jumpy and scared there has been pages of reports of innocent people gunned down with no weapon on them.
Can get so offended it takes one slip up to cause an uproar.
Paparazzi is so bad there are cameras in celebrity showers because no one else has nothing better to do but read about other peoples lives and talk about them behind closed doors.
So selfish people who can buy all of the continent is flipping shit just because they have to pay a cent more than anyone else.
"Girl raped and murdered and dumped in a trashcan just outside Orange Park. Oh and Miley Cyrus got a new hairstyle omgee let me tweet this!"
Typical America news.
by YeahISaidIt October 06, 2013
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1. A word which normal people use to refer a certain continent.

2. A word which stupid people use to refer a certain country.
Carlos: Fuck dis man, Ima jumping the Mehico border to go to America man.

Rodrigo: You stupid spic, you already are in America .
by SUPERCHARGED December 11, 2012
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The Americas, or simply America, are lands in the Western hemisphere, also known as the New World.

In the English language, the Americas refers to the landmasses of North America and South America with their associated islands and regions, whereas America, in current usage, usually refers to the United States of America.

The Americas cover 8.3% of the Earth's total surface area (28.4% of its land area) and contain about 13.5% of the human population (about 900 million people).
The Americas are separated into 4 different regions: North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. All together, they contain about 47 countries, including the more popular United States, Mexico, Brazil, Haiti, and the Bahamas.
by Ser Anneliese May 20, 2012
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is full of fat hahahahahhahahahahahahahah. geez it's called healthy eating. AMERICAN OBESITY EPIDEMIC LOL SUCKED IN
eat salad
drink water
stop snacking on maccas
get a life
there is more to eating
american: hey fattyboomsticks want another cream cake?
by america is fat yay May 23, 2008
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Where you'll find Americans.
I'm moving to America! ^_^
by Tory the Hermit June 23, 2014
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America is made up of North America, South America, and Central America. Most commonly used by those who live in the United States as a name for their country, because they sometimes forget other countries exist.
"Oooh, this IS better! But the costume, so tight! Still, I can feel a righteousness surging! 'Hey,wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, and patriotism? God bless America!"
by stophurtingme April 02, 2014
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America is the land of the free, founded through revolution from high british taxation.

However, a nation of hypocrites, as it taxes are now higher than that which caused its start.

It is a nation of patriots, even if they'll shoot each other for an extra buck.

It is a nation which can own guns, and cannot see that owning a gun mostly prevents crime.

America seems like the riches nation on earth, even as it is the poorest by terms of debt-to-GDP.

America is a land of easy money, where elected officials are paid $150,000+ for life to be corrupt and not show up for work at any time.

It is a place where the media is run by the big business, which runs the country.

It is a land that is very diverse, yet easily travelled.

It is a land, young in time, made wise by war, and yet still makes foolish decisions.

A country built for and run by the banks.

Yet in all this, corruption, false ways, and evil doings, America still sucks less.
If the world were given a test, America would get a solid B.

Guy: Man America hates change.
Constitution: Yes, we do.

Britain: Look at America, stealing all of our credit after WW2.
Germany: You know you wouldn't have won without them, considering we were at your doorstep ready to get inside.

Soviet Union: We hate eachodderz guts.
by Coalman December 27, 2013
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