The Americas, or simply America, are lands in the Western hemisphere, also known as the New World.

In the English language, the Americas refers to the landmasses of North America and South America with their associated islands and regions, whereas America, in current usage, usually refers to the United States of America.

The Americas cover 8.3% of the Earth's total surface area (28.4% of its land area) and contain about 13.5% of the human population (about 900 million people).
The Americas are separated into 4 different regions: North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. All together, they contain about 47 countries, including the more popular United States, Mexico, Brazil, Haiti, and the Bahamas.
by Ser Anneliese May 20, 2012
The FUCK YOU country, The United States. The Greatest country on Earth, despite what Newsweek will lead you to believe, FUCK YOU Finland! I believe that we should move our decrepit parent Great Britain in our house and take care of it. So England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, will be the newest four states. Then we should go around the world annexing any country that speaks English and make them territories. Then blow up every country that doesn't speak English as a primary Language. That's how it already works, all the countries that speak English are riding our coattails. That would leave the United States not only as the greatest country on Earth but the only country on Earth.
"Hey Will."

"Yeah Chris."

"We live in the greatest country on Earth, America."

"Why is that."

"For starters, two words: nuclear-fucking-weapons."

"Good point, now lets go shooting then make fun of the government."

"Yep we can do that because we are White Christian Men who only have sex with women."

(Both Together) "YEAH!!!"
by The A**hole August 18, 2010
America is the land of the free, founded through revolution from high british taxation.

However, a nation of hypocrites, as it taxes are now higher than that which caused its start.

It is a nation of patriots, even if they'll shoot each other for an extra buck.

It is a nation which can own guns, and cannot see that owning a gun mostly prevents crime.

America seems like the riches nation on earth, even as it is the poorest by terms of debt-to-GDP.

America is a land of easy money, where elected officials are paid $150,000+ for life to be corrupt and not show up for work at any time.

It is a place where the media is run by the big business, which runs the country.

It is a land that is very diverse, yet easily travelled.

It is a land, young in time, made wise by war, and yet still makes foolish decisions.

A country built for and run by the banks.

Yet in all this, corruption, false ways, and evil doings, America still sucks less.
If the world were given a test, America would get a solid B.

Guy: Man America hates change.
Constitution: Yes, we do.

Britain: Look at America, stealing all of our credit after WW2.
Germany: You know you wouldn't have won without them, considering we were at your doorstep ready to get inside.

Soviet Union: We hate eachodderz guts.
by Coalman December 27, 2013
50% niggers, 10% mexicans that learn to swim, 20% hicks and 20% rednecks. The children are yolosweg and cool kid (click the links)
American: *picks cotton*
Guy: Whoa whoa, you'd better pick cotton faster because the cracker is coming.

American kid: *stands near wall and listens to heavy metal nodding head or whatever hes fucking doing there*
Guy: Hey kid i heard you got that 11 year old girl pregnant
American kid: Ya man but hey YOLO
by iRock2u November 24, 2014
1. A word which normal people use to refer a certain continent.

2. A word which stupid people use to refer a certain country.
Carlos: Fuck dis man, Ima jumping the Mehico border to go to America man.

Rodrigo: You stupid spic, you already are in America .
by SUPERCHARGED December 11, 2012
A phrase with a Southern accent used after a moment of pure awesomeness that only happens in America.
Ray: Shit man, did Jimmie Johnson win his 4th NASCAR title?

Tom: Yeah!

Ray: America!
by Mark Twain The Third Jr. June 11, 2011
The greatest fucking country in the world. Yeah it has its minor issues, but we're still better than everyone else.

Founded by rough men who evaded taxes, smuggled weapons, and spoke strongly against tyranny.

Not spelled "Merica"
God bless America.
by IrishAmericanPatriot August 31, 2014

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