A Amby is what you call one of the most gorgeous girls you can come across. Amby's eyes are usually like a beautiful forest green, and has the smile to take one's breath away. A Amby is someone with such a great heart, and gorgeous looks. Amby is the type of person to put others before herself, real wife material too. I can't believe I've got myself a Amby.
Person 1: Oh look at that girl, she's so beautiful.
Person 2: I met her yesterday she's soooo amazing.
Person2: Oh she's a Amby!
by Louislovesamby February 04, 2013
Top Definition
A word used to describe something that is super cool, in an ambidextrous sort of way.
Ryan: Holy fucking icebergs batman, that shot was so amby!

Megan Fox: So, do you want to trade pants now?

Ryan: Excuse me?
by RyAnNi June 17, 2010
To "Amby" is when you pretend to be a girl for six years on the internet. When you Amby, you also date other men, and convince them that you are a girl. An Amby is someone who uses fake pictures to create a person who they are not. A real amby would be a 400 lb whale at their house but on the internet, they are a blonde girl who has huge tits. An amby would even go as low as to fake pictures of their cat and send them to people. google images is an Amby's best friend
Person 1:Dudeeeeee you see that hottie i met on the net last night? I think she's even gonna meet me in real life.

Person 2: AHAHA no way! she's such an Amby. Anyway, how are you going to get a whale on a plane?
by LOLfattycakes November 30, 2009
A type of marmalade that expires quickly because it is made from shit ingredients. It is named for its Amber, or Amby color because the color is a disgusting color of Amber (a brown color with a little red). The marmalade also has chunks of god knows what, and is quite repulsive.
Person 1: Could i get some Amby on my toast please?
Person 2: I'm sorry sir this is a food establishment, we can't serve that here. It's against code.
by yumyumyumtoast September 12, 2009
when you pot at barrows then notice that you don't have a spade.2. to forget spade 2 times in a row
Hahaha Matt and Brandon pulled a Amby
by `Kittie April 07, 2008
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