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1)One who is stunningly beautiful, awly gorgeous, and filled with sexiness!
2)One that knows for sure how to love, but doesn't know how to show it cuz anger clogs up her brain. (oops did i say that out loud).
3)One who is filled with jolly and cheerful stupid thoughts.
1)Her flawless tan skin glowing in the moonlight and her perfect hair soaring in the breeze.
2)Info not available
3)One who repeats "eeee", "mmmhmmmm", and laughs like a witch!
by Qadir November 19, 2004
A mastermind. Usually part mexican, has a thing for short people. Sometimes stalks friends.
Woa check out that girl with the affro and the short dude doesn't she remind you of ambreen?
by Alyson isa whore March 11, 2005
A mastermind, usually part mexican. Has a thing for short people and sometimes likes to stalk her friend.
Ambreen you know her.
by Alyson isa whore March 11, 2005
A form of night-terror when an individual is working as a data enterer. It can come in several degrees of severity that is usually defined by the facial and verbal reaction of the individual that is checking. Typical responses include "WTFFF", "F**K", and "#$!@$#!!!"
Ambreen is to a checker as a nuclear thermo war is to a piece of paper.
by ragedchecker July 13, 2009
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