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The most wonderful and very attractive girl ever. She is known as a balla and dates the hottest and coolest guys in school. Is very well known and is nice with a great attitude about everything. If you see her, she will definitely make your day.
Guy 1. Wow, what a great lookin chic!

Girl 1. OMG THATS AMBREE!! She's an amazing actress, too!
by Da_reel_BA_playa December 06, 2013
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A whore. A female that will sleep with anything that spreads its legs. Usually straight, but if extremely desperate may play for both teams.
Guy 1: I just rocked that girls world!

Girl 1: That's funny because I did the day before

Guy 1: man, she must be a total Ambree
by man who knows1234567 June 09, 2013

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