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The state of loopiness one encounters after taking an Ambien but before falling asleep, often manifested by saying nonsensical things or revealing things one might not otherwise say even when drunk, and often forgotten the following day.
Sorry that I told you I had the hots for your sister, dude, but I was Ambien-whacked, so I can't be held responsible for what I said.
by sultansean1 April 15, 2011
The state of loopiness that often develops between the time one takes an Ambien and the onset of sleep, usually marked by saying nonsensical statements and/or statements one otherwise would be less inclined to say under normal circumstances, and in either case usually forgotten the next morning.
Dude, I'm sorry I hit on your sister yesterday, but I was Ambien-whacked and can't be held responsible for my actions.
by sean sultan April 25, 2011
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