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a person who is amazing is someone who makes you feel like the most special and luckiest person n the world at the same time, someone who makes you smile and laugh without any effort whether they are sitting right next to you or miles away.

Mike Lyons is amazing - love you forever xxx
by hollyjulietbondw February 12, 2009
28 21
the best someone can get.
derak H. is amazing
by mckenzieh. November 06, 2010
12 7
So wonderful you can't describe it in words.

Something so great you can't even understand it.

Beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, beyond belief!
Hope is so, whoaa.
by Linnie Mae January 25, 2007
23 18
When describing a situation that is profound, exceptional, or shocking!
Todd: How was your trip?
Chris: It was AMAZING! I saw a person taking a shit in the street!
by notgonnashare October 17, 2012
4 1
-To cause great wonder or astonishment, To be unbelievable, brilliant, and sensational.

-Being Rewa J
Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, what he did on the court was simply amazing.
by <23 December 17, 2010
7 4
A person that makes you feel like no one else possibly could, makes you want to fight for them, to keep them. Someone that no matter what they say, even if nothing at all, makes your day 10x better than the last. Amazing is the definition of what your heart longs for and what your mind needs. You would do anything for this person and if they were ever sad for any reason, you would spend the rest of your life trying to get them to smile again, with the smile that just drives you crazy. I guess you could say that amazing is love.
Amanda M is amazing to me
by J0#|\||\|Y.C August 04, 2009
12 10
To have an amazing moment involving ejaculation and jizzing out of the penis. The feeling usually resulting in a deep moan or groan of satisfaction.
Hey Riley i had an amazing night last night with my penis.
by fatcatgoon April 05, 2009
25 23