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A big slab of grease.
Fat bastard cooked his chicken in a pot full of wion.
by bsc bar August 28, 2003
jail bait
the prisoners looked at the new arrivals and said "mmmm fresh wion"
by terror fab November 25, 2003
the poor man's carrot top.
wion says "dial down the center. 1-800-call att. Its free for you and cheap for them".
by terror fab November 25, 2003
reddish lard used in deep-fryers for cooking greasy food, originated in Scotland.
Rosanne likes turkey deep-fried in wion.
by Dokimandu August 14, 2006
Generally used as an insult to bitches, whores, sluts, etc.

Note* To properly insult with the term 'wion' use it in place of a last name.
Dude 1: That kid is such a wion.
Dude 2: He should be called 'Andrew Wion' cuz he's a total wion!
Dude 1: Lol!
by i hate andrew the fag June 16, 2008
fat bastards body double.
wion put on your kilt
by terror fab November 25, 2003
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