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Someone wiser than their years. And always willing to help. Attitude that will surprise you , won't take crap from anyone for anything. Lures you in with her soft voice just close enough to tell secrets you can only catch from a glimpse from her eyes you would be so lucky to catch.
Amayah is a once in a lifetime experience.
#mayah #amayah #one of a kind #unique #sexy
by mr. Luckyone August 30, 2011
The baby girl name Amayah comes from the Basque word which means, "Amayah (Amaia) in the Basque Language meaning "The end"." American word which means, "One of God's special Angel's."

Or if Amayah is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of Amayah is "close to God". It is also of Japanese origin, where it means "Night rain".
Amayah is one of those people who laugh randomly, and only one person in the room may know what it's about.
#may #mayah #amaya #exotic #beautiful #elegant
by Who'swho? October 31, 2011
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