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A crappy alternative (al-TURD-ative)... a shitty option.
We might as well go to the party and try to get laid; the alturdative is to sit home alone.
by The Legend AKA The Teflon Turd December 28, 2010
"Al-turd-ative"....A variation of the similar word "Alternative".... Meaning the decision of a girl wishing to remain a virgin to take it up the butt instead of having vaginal sex.... the thought process being that anal sex isn't a violation of chastity vows since it doesn't break the hymen.
The girl said she wouldn't have vaginal intercourse cuz she wanted to technically stay a virgin but, she offered me anal sex as an "al-turd-ative" (alturdative).
by The Legend AKA The Teflon Turd December 23, 2010
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