To make a decision, and then recant at the worst possible time, thereby leaving your supporters in the lurch.
Stems from Dana Altman, basketball coach, agreeing to become Head Coach at the University of Arkansas. Within 8 hours of his introductory press conference, Altman changed his mind and returned to Creighton University.
by Bill90210 November 28, 2007
Top Definition
1. an exceedingly fat and annoying person
2. a short, fat and cocky person
3. a midget with the appetite of a starving herd of elephants
4. the act of binging
5. the act of being completely wrong yet still thinking you're right
6. someone who likes to hear himself speak but has noone who wants to talk to him so people simply tone out his voice
7. The cause of world hunger
I waited on that line so long yet I never even got what I wanted, it was like being in the back of a buffet line with Altman in front of you.
Archaelogists just found new evidence that the bones of mammoths were really human, they were called Altmans and were the reason for the extinction of many animals as they could not stop eating.
Jimmy stop eating now!!! Your eating like an Altman, soon I'm going to have to put a second mortgage on the house.
Alec, I hate that kid! He's such an Altman! Although we tell him we don't care and he's annoying, we can't get him to start talking.
Johnny looks like an Altman. The only things that have grown since fifth grade are his weight, his smell and his ego.
by TheReliableSource September 23, 2010
silmultaniously farting, shitting, pissing and smelling like shit
wow that kid is an altman
by nosehtam yerffoeg February 18, 2005
A female that seems to be a modern day Harpy, unless he is the right man, her number one. she tends to get involved with a male for the right reasons, but has no intention of fulfilling her words. thinks very logically, is very smart, and incredible in the sack. she loves to vacuum. :P
wow, should have figured she was an Altman
by Book111 November 12, 2008
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