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The best search engine to search for porn, simply because it has a videos section. All you have to do is type in the name of a porn site, and instantly ypu are given TONS of sample clips from that site. Great stuff
- "Dude, you search for porn on Google? Go to altavista, it doesn't link you to sites with spyware!"
by Meijer's! November 11, 2005
A good search engine, that while not as great as google in searching regular pages, has the ability to search for sound and movie files.
Do you really need one!?
by Decander June 15, 2005
A boolean search engine that rivals even the great google
I founded where Carmen Sandiego with Altavista!
by PoptartKing August 21, 2003
A really shitty and boring town with nothing to do.
"Wow, this town has really become an altavista"
by Sunsh1ne95 November 21, 2011
A search engine desperately trying to be like Google.
I fuckin hate Alta Vista, i'd rather use Google.
by Seany B May 15, 2005
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