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Is a lover of horses.
The member of the Renegade division of BBF.
by [BBF] Metz July 11, 2004

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Is a Blue blob killer of the highest order.
When the Blue blob and Almor meet, the Blue blob is over come by skillz and understanding of what is right.
by [BBF]hisgun March 30, 2005
The best renegade player ever
I wish I could be as good as Almor
by AlmorsTheBest July 10, 2004
A bossy little dude that has been known to kill blue blogs and the occasional insubordinates.
See: Renegade Combat
by BBFMilitant March 30, 2005
Also know as Almsy
<BBFl4thal> lol
<BBFAlmor> hey imd!!!
<Imdgr8one> almsy whats up
<BBFAlmor> nm
<BBFl4thal> almsy !!
<BBFl4thal> haha
<BBFl4thal> thats so cute
by Quote Master General March 30, 2005