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Austrian beverage that goes very well with vodka - covers it even better than Red Bull.
Vodka-Almdudler: "I didn't puke since I was 3!"
"The wall likes me!"
by Seletotsira May 01, 2010

Cultdrink from Austira,

Almdudler is a herbs-softdrink from Austira with a very awesome taste, you can find this drink especially when you're skiing in Germany or Austira, it's just cult !!! and very traditional. Since 1957. Almdudler produce over 80 million liters of Almdudler every year.
- wow that was a pretty awesome skiing day let's get something to drink, what do you guy drink in Austria ?
~ Almdudler of course, you'll love it buddy, let's get some ...
by Flint Ranch May 03, 2006

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