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loving, sensitive, compassionate, caring, passionate, all heart, charitable, easy going, kindhearted,lenient, softie, piteous, pitying, responsive, soft shell, softhearted, sympathetic, tender, understanding, warm, cruel when needed, hard to crack, different, mean once in a blue moon, amusing, boisterous when smashed, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, merry, pleasant, witty, breaks loose often, casual, down to earth,spontaneous, free, free spirited, improvised, inevitable, instinctive, involuntary, irresistible, natural, simple, unavoidable, uncompelled, uncontrolled, unforced, unintentional, planned, up front.

Easy to love, hard to forget

A ray of sunshine

One of a kind beauty

by Erin12313331 February 05, 2010
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