An exremly tall guy who looks very intimatiding, likes to eat swiss chocolate ice cream and pudding in a corner, loves cats, and has longish hair.
girl one:OMFG look at that allyn, he's so rad.
Boy 2: im just as awesome.
girl one: dont be such a tool richardson.
boy 2: i wish i was an allyn.
by fireflyz May 21, 2008
Top Definition
A portly, orange, squinty-eyed man. Very much resembling an Oompa-Loompa with a faux-hawk.
I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other day, you should see all of those Allyns.
by Wiki Wacka February 03, 2010
first of all,allyn is a GIRL,not a guy,because of the y.
she is the best friend you could ever have.she's tall with long red hair.some allyns wear glasses.guys go crazy over her
mark:did you hear the news?
jonathan:about allyn and jacob?
mark:yeah.isn't that just depressing?
jonathan:oh i'm jumping on that hottie when she breaks up
by jessica hermia beatrice juliet December 24, 2012
A great friend,
short but full of love!<3
Oh, and the most awesome asian. :D
"Dude, did you see that asian?"
"Nah dude, that was an Allyn!"
"OH DAMN! ...I'd tap that."
by Urrrmommaaaa January 16, 2011
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