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a girl who everyone loves to hangout wit and party. she cares more about her friends then they know. you can always rely on her to be at your side when u need someone she is one of those people who will bring u soup when your sick. an ally only comes around once so if u find one dont loose her.
damn ally is amazing and my ride or die.
by the caption December 05, 2012
Hot, sexual orientated being, like a drug, physically attractive, can't forget kind of person. Will rock your world.stunningly beautiful full of life!
I've got the ally curse! I need an ally fix. Love me some ally! I was with ally last night and she rocked my world
by alllycia January 24, 2009
A girl who is very prissy and loves to spread drama around. Usually a brunette, period. Everyone treats her like a queen bee and practically worships her like she's some type of flippin goddess. Will betray you some how, don't get too close to her. Likes to flirt, even when she's dating someone. Just no.
Boy 1: "Oh my god Ally is so amazing"
Girl 1: "what do you guys see in ally ughhh"

Ally: "everyone loves me and i'm perfect hA"

Ally: "i got 99 problems but you aren't one HaaaaaaAAA"
by Masie November 05, 2013
A girl who likes to eat food and live like a human. Also, she is cool and can crack her wrist loudly.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dayum son, did you hear that wrist. shes an ALLY!
by mynameislogoa May 17, 2010
Wow that person is a total Ally
by Poopsocksangel December 28, 2013
a 2 faced bitch that everybody tend to hate but acts like they are her best friend. a Person that you should never trust telling your secret to or she'll spead the word, an attention seeker which no one can really stand always on peoples nerves without realising it making people wanting to hit, she will be the biggets slutty whore you would ever meet. she will dog about you to other people but then lie in front of your face. won't have any real friends unless she changes her attitude, thinks that she looks pretty and tan but actually looks like an ugly shitty bitch that has a small animal looking head.
ally is a person you should stay away from and never should be trusted
by be true December 06, 2013
A girl who is evil and harsh. Always sneaks around the streets at 4 am causes harm to those who don't deserve it. Is always seen running instead of walking. Will most likely always have a scrawny little neighbor boy by her side.
Guy one: "Hey man my girl cheated on me this morning. I saw her with another guy"

Guy two: "Thats because you were with an Ally man."
by Big eyed bandit May 27, 2012
to suck on a water bottle with great use of the tongue.


a huge pain in ones testicle. sometimes caused by over active blatter.
Bob: what is that girl doing?

Henry:she is just doing an ally


Sam: ouch my left testicle hurts.

Paul: do you pee a lot...you might have an ally
by hershalsanchez96 June 25, 2010