a girl who everyone loves to hangout wit and party. she cares more about her friends then they know. you can always rely on her to be at your side when u need someone she is one of those people who will bring u soup when your sick. an ally only comes around once so if u find one dont loose her.
damn ally is amazing and my ride or die.
by the caption December 05, 2012
An awesome girl who loves to party and is really good-looking. Usually with red hair and hazel eyes, Ally's love to party and are athletic. They usually focus on one sport that they are great at. Ally's are usually stubborn and complain a lot, but they are sweet and funny once you get to know her.
Man, that Ally girl is so cool.
by Ilybae2k13alldaylong December 31, 2014
Hot, sexual orientated being, like a drug, physically attractive, can't forget kind of person. Will rock your world.stunningly beautiful full of life!
I've got the ally curse! I need an ally fix. Love me some ally! I was with ally last night and she rocked my world
by alllycia January 24, 2009
a SUPER PRETTY, funny, crazy, and athletic girl. Usually blonde with really blue eyes and is very skinny. She likes to make everyone happy and is really fun to be around. Everyone loves her, even if they don't want to admit it.
Ally is the most amazing friend.

I know, I want to be her best friend
by YEET23 March 13, 2015
Ally is normally a very pretty girl. She has long brown/auburn hair, Small feet, kind of short, hazel green eyes, and a bad attitude. They are normally skinny and have a perfect body. They are great advice givers. They are usually scared of horses or any large animals. They are hilarious and have a great sense of humor. Their biggest fear is being embarrassed. They hate it. They are very clean. They love monkeys and Kittens. They don't smile very often. They are stubborn and Hate trash talkers. They don't usually like their brother's girlfriend if he has one. She has a lot of confidence in herself and thinks she's perfect. She has big lips and no ass. They usually Like tattoos and belly button piercings. They are tomboys and love to hunt. They are very classy.
Ex.1. Guy: Ally is kind of stubborn but she's so pretty. I can probably deal with it.
Guy 2: Did you see her yell At Kaitlin earlier? She has a lot of attitude and it's so hot.
by Brittany Lyons February 19, 2015
What the USA calls countries it has previously defeated in wars.
"Well, looks like since they caught Saddam, Iraq's gonna join our list of allies: England, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Texas, etc."
by danw December 22, 2003
A person, usually female, who enjoys to walk her dog in the snow and dance to techno music after sunset. Her mom makes her tofu salad everyday for lunch and she gets excited and sometimes pee's herself. Ally's usually are not fat and are attractive.
Sam: Woah dude I just took a shit!
Ben: DUUUUDE your such an ally!
by theonewithwisdom October 29, 2011
The sexiest girl on the planet
She is reely hot and likes girls tooooo
That is a sexy ally
by Tiger12345 October 11, 2011

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