a girl who everyone loves to hangout wit and party. she cares more about her friends then they know. you can always rely on her to be at your side when u need someone she is one of those people who will bring u soup when your sick. an ally only comes around once so if u find one dont loose her.
damn ally is amazing and my ride or die.
by the caption December 05, 2012
a gap between 2 buildings, sometimes not safe to go in to. Also the name of a girl, sexy by nature and indescribably fun. She shall make an amazing prom date.
Don't go down that Ally, you may get mugged.

Don't go down on Ally, you may get hugged.
by Jakilo February 02, 2010
Amazing girl with green beautiful eyes, brings happiness into your life, you can't avoid to love, always makes you smile!
she loves animals, the most kind of heart ever seen in the universe, sensitive and loyal sweetest heart, beautiful soul caring and loving person, a goddess with golden hair so funny and smart
did you see the perfection? the perfection have a name and is Ally!
by jgsm November 19, 2012
The single most amazing person you will ever meet in your whole life! She is kind and caring and is the best girlfriend you could possibly ask for. She is absolutely perfect! She's extremely beautiful with her hazel eyes and red hair and is only 5'5! She's quite adorable. If you ever meet Ally, you are definitely one of the luckier people in this world. Her boyfriend being the luckiest!
Her Boyfriend: I love you Ally :)
Ally: I love you Lucas :]
Her Boyfriend: How did I get so lucky? :))))
by Ally's Lover Lukee September 06, 2010
Pure and utter awesomeness. For real, this girl is indescribable, but I will do my best. She has long long long beautiful hair, which goes along with the rest of her beauty. She is kind, but be careful because she is also easily angered and not afraid to stand her ground. She has an absolutely stupendous voice, and a fashion style to match, that no matter how much anyone would like to replicate, they would be unable to pull it off. The same inability to replicate can be said for her music preferences, and her vast knowledge of Youtube stars no one cares about.(okay, a lot of people who don't have lives do, but still) She has an amazing dad and a horrendous mother, the combination of differences what I believe to be the reason she is so incredibly.... ally like?(that's meant to be a compliment I swear) As in: not spoiled rotten but also not all depressed and 'feel bad for me' acting. At first glance she may seem normal, but just attend one of her small but infamous parties, and the true, crazy fun Ally is revealed. She has a very particular sense in boys, which is good because only the very best truly deserve to have any sort of romantic relationship with her. She is proud of who she, and her refusal to let anything change that is com-memorable. She can be annoying, and often complains, but even though she has faults, the entirety of her makes up for it. No one could ask for a better friend, and if you meet an Ally, I suggest holding onto her with all your might!!!
by 1 of your 5 besties(guess!) March 17, 2014
An amazing girl. She's beautiful, smart, adorable, and caring. If she's your girlfriend, you're on top of the world.
That was so nice of you! Nearly as nice as Ally!
by CaptainCaptain March 19, 2013
An awesome person!! Duh!


An awesome person who loves cows and mustaches.
"OMG! Did you see that Ally? I mean she's so cool!"
by Superluigilink February 21, 2012

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