A girl who is evil and harsh. Always sneaks around the streets at 4 am causes harm to those who don't deserve it. Is always seen running instead of walking. Will most likely always have a scrawny little neighbor boy by her side.
Guy one: "Hey man my girl cheated on me this morning. I saw her with another guy"

Guy two: "Thats because you were with an Ally man."
by Big eyed bandit May 27, 2012
Top Definition
The girl who knows how to party lika rockstar
yo that girl is a total ally
by kung fu ninja March 21, 2008
the perfect definition of an adorable being. could also be used as referring to someone as a princess.
did you see that ally girl?
by xstellarrrrxxX February 26, 2009
A person named Ally is smart, funny, loyal, caring, and generous. She never gets mad at people and is always smiling. If you know someone named Ally you should consider making her your girlfriend because people like this only come once in a lifetime. Ally is always giving and never asking for things in return. She has beautiful long brown hair and brown eyes. She may have a pale complexion but she will get very tan in the summer. Ally is the most beautiful girl you would ever meet.
Ally is the most generous and caring person you will ever meet.
by >.< bunny June 21, 2012
a name for a person who is accurately considered to be completely awesome by everyone that knows him/her.


someone who commonly misspells onomatopoeia because they incorrectly believe that logical spelling does not apply to words describing a sound.
Ally is awesome


Ally, it's spelled "Tisk Tisk", not "Tsk Tsk"
by Commander C August 14, 2008
Ally is the most amazing woman in the world. she is loving, fun, kind, friendly to anyone and an all around amazing girl.
I love my Ally because she is so much fun!
by lucas1138 February 24, 2010
A girl,usually large chested, who is very stubborn. She believes in fate always and doesnt sweat the small stuff. Believes in love, but never wants to fall in love at the risk of getting hurt.
Basically wayy funn. but dnt piss her off.
by blahblahblah<3 February 05, 2010
a straight person who supports LGBT rights
She may not be a lesbian, but she is an ally
by thisdaydreamer September 23, 2007
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