they USED to be a good band until they became there just posers.
wow, i miss all time low BEFORE all the little twelve-year-olds became obsessed with them and swarmed their shows.
by shfs :) July 13, 2009
A band from Maryland that girls from about 11-15 years of age obese over. They combine emo with forms pop-punk and wear neon colored skinny jeans and related items. Some lower-level human beings that actually listen to this classify it as "pop-punk" but it's really not. Some (good) pop-punk bands include : Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, and even Blink-182. If you ever see a girl in high school that still think this band is "supa sexy," she might have a mental condition.
Maybe about 80-100% of the articles below that are justifying this band are written by confused female teenagers.
"Cool" dude: Did you hear All Time Low's newest album yet?

Guy: Sorry but I'm straight.
by MATTVEIGHSKI April 29, 2010
Band birthed from the vagina of mainstream "punk" a.k.a. skater-wannabes who sing like an emo with a scissor and play music that can only be described as the retarded child of modern-day rock.
If you're looking for an awful band just like All Time Low , try these :

The Academy Is.

A Day To Remember.
by Juicalicious January 23, 2011
A band coming so close to selling out, no matter how much they try and defend themselves.
Can you say All Time Low is the next Fall Out Boy?
by kw04 August 13, 2008
an annoying bunch of pre pubescent cunts with emo hair and links to blink 182, wannabes.
They abuse great apes in thir music video and sing about ''maria'' like dont every emo have a maria or ashley already?.
their fuckin annoying with the cheapest videos u even seen.
whso the gay emos crawling up mark hoppus ass hole?
oh thats just all time low
by ava1987 November 30, 2009
Probably one of the shittiest bands ever. Their music isn't even "deep" or "sincere" or whatever, and they're seriously overrated. Most of their fans are annoying 15-year-olds. Alex and Jack aren't even that hot, and they're the only people in the band that remotely matter. Put Up or Shut Up is mediocre at best, and Nothing Personal is almost as bad as Insane Clown Posse or BROKENCYDE or whatever. Don't even waste your time. And YES, I've listened to many of their songs before and I see no attraction to it whatsoever, so don't go saying I didn't give their music a chance.

people with ears: oh my god their music is like dogshit what the hell how is that even quality
by trollintrollintrollin December 05, 2010
Yet another shitty band that sounds like all other whiny emo pop-punk bands that pollute the air waves.For example fallout boy or simple plan. to enjoy this band, you must be either a mindless teenage girl that likes bands because of their looks, or a homosexual.
normal person:All Time Low sucks balls.

mindless youth: OMGzz no way!! they're so original and talented you don't even know, lyke their songs come from the heart!!!

homo: ya and they're lyke so cute and they have really super sense of style!!!

normal person: beats the shit out of them with a bat, inserts Dead Kennedy's "Frankenchrist" into CD player, cranks the volume and walks away.
by poppunksux August 13, 2007
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