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The amazingly talented and attractive bassist for Maryland-based pop/punk band All Time Low. Has a nose ring and several tattoos, and can be easily identified by his green sleeveless All Over It hoodie, which seems to be just about all he wears...
Listen to Zack Merrick's sick bass line on Running From Lions!
by yourstar October 30, 2007
Full name Zachary Steven Merrick. The bassist and backing vocals for All Time Low, a pop-punk band. Zack also plays guitar for acoustic shows. He graduated from Towson High School in 2006. He changes his hair a lot, often wears bandanas, and has a nose ring and tatoos. He doesn't talk a lot. He was also on the Mtv dating show "Exposed."
Did you go to the ATL show last night?
Yeah, and I met Zack Merrick afterwords!
by l-sizzzzzle August 31, 2008
Bassist for All Time Low. He is a very good bassist, known for his Diddy Kong Stomp while playing. Usually seen working out and drinking protein shakes.
Hey look at Zack Merrick! hes Diddy Kong stomping all over the place
by Ryan C L March 10, 2010
The cutest/sexiest bassist ever! He plays for All Time Low and has a rockin' body. He doesn't talk much, but we all wish he wasn't so shy because he really is amazing. Skateboards reallly great, likes photography, and can play guitar with no pick! <3 Attractive, talented, and charming what more could you ask for?
PERSON "A"--Omg I met Zack Merrick from All Time Low!
PERSON "B"-- NOWAY! You mean the boy who's an amazing bassist, and has one sexy body?!
PERSON "A"-- DUH! who else?!
by atlfan<3 January 22, 2011
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