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A band that makes pop punk songs. And they're NOT emo.
The All-American Rejects ROCK!
by Darleen June 16, 2007
An awesome band well known for their song "dirty little secret"
All American Rejects kick ass
by Desperado21 March 24, 2010
an amazing band
its talent has nothing to do with the band members' attractiveness
it produced unique and beautiful songs such as Swing Swing, Move Along, My Paper Heart, and Time Stands Still
the only reason why it's less popular nowadays is because it has been overplayed
just because they're mainstream, doesn't mean they're not good
and it's unfair to criticize and hate them for being mainstream and for attracting teenybopper fangirls because despite all that, they are still undeniably a great band
Anti-mainstream kid: " the all american rejects sucks. they're too mainstream. i'm into indie"
Kid who understands music: "they're an awesome band, and their music is actually meaningful, unlike emo falloutboy and my chemical romance"
by ihven0clue April 16, 2008
the coolest band ever! They are not emo though...
V:the All-American Rejects rock
V:I love Nick's shoes!
by Vee-ronica August 26, 2006
A pretty good emo band. People say they suck and not punk but they are not punk, just emo. Still pretty cool band.
Some songs: My Paper Heart, Swing Swing, The Last Song
by truong December 08, 2004
Another maroon5 band going die out in six months. Girls usually call this band the best band in the world only because the leader singer looks hot.
Girl: OMG All American Rejects' music is sooo deep and Tyson Ritter is soooo hot.

6months later

Girl: All American who?
by God-fearing-preacher June 05, 2005
A terrible band with little or no musical talent. The All American Rejects were a one-hit wonder for a while. Unfortunately, they have continued to record more terrible material and have started becoming popular amongst pop-punk kids and kids who think they are emo. Thankfully, however, their scene remains mostly dominated by 13 and 14 year-old girls.
The All American Rejects suck. Period.
by character zero June 21, 2006