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The BEST band ever!!! They Have Awesome Music!!!!!!! If you don't like them okay whatever, your loss but if you diss them, get ready for me to bash your face in =) They are also the most sweetest four guys you will ever meet, they don't even do this for the money, they do it to make us happy, you can't not love them =D

Here are their albums:
The All-American Rejects (2003)
Move Along (2005)

There are four band members :
Tyson Ritter -- Lead Singer, Bassist
Nick Wheeler -- Lead Guitarist, Background Vocals, Programming, Hottie =D <3
Mike Kennerty -- Guitarist, Background Vocals
Chris Gaylor -- Drums

If you don't listen to them i suggest you do, they are beyond amazing!
The All-American Rejects ROCK!!!!
by XxSaraxX March 14, 2006

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