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An alcoholic
I don't want to go to meetings! I'm no fucking alkie!
by John E. November 12, 2002
Another word for alcoholic.
I know a few alkies.
by SuperSonicX April 23, 2006
one who abuses alcohol; spends lots of time planning when and where to get the next drink; denies drinking; drinks alone; needs a drink to face a stressful situation or an uplifting moment
I'm not an alkie, I don't need to go to AA!
by Dosha April 10, 2003
continued consumption of alcoholic beverages despite health problems and negative social consequences.
Leech-"Yo Faith i think you've had one too many beers, alkie"

Faith- "Leech, now you know there's no such things as too many beers, now pass me another"
by Leech! October 19, 2009