An alignment of the male genetalia such that the testicles are squeezed against the inside of the scotum, creating the veiny, lumpy appearance of an alien's brain.

May be performed with just the scrotum and testicles, or with the scrotum tucked over the penis and then pulled tight. Sometimes accompanied by shouts of "alien brains" or simply "blaaaah."

Generally used as a sign of disrespect or in an attempt to disgust (sim. moon). As with similar acts, the term "alien brains" can refer to both the act of presenting alien brains, or the rearranged genetalia themselves.
Knut was being a whiny little wuss, so I alien brainsed him.


Kristina looked sick, so I showed her some alien brains. She barfed everywhere.
by Cosmo March 22, 2004
Top Definition
(n) When the male scrotum is viewed upside down, resembling a brain of an extraterrestrial, or alien.
Wow mom look at THAT alien brain!!!
by Matthew Pablo September 03, 2006
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