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A small, sweet-natured but slightly retarded cat. Has eyes like those goldfish with eyes out to the sides. He is quite lovely, but very simple, and has noticable man-boobs. He likes to bite. His name cat be shortened to Algy.
"Algernon, come here so I can give you a cuddle!"

"Algernon, don't lie like that, we can see your man-boobs."

"Stop biting me, Algy!"
by Katiecorn October 18, 2008
A term used to describe people with particularly Rat-ish or unintelligent features. "Algernon's" often display such tendancies as saying "Nein" instead of no even when not in Germany or a German class.
"Hey, look at the teeth of that Algernon kid in the corner."
by sydof November 19, 2008