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A strange creature, usually found inside a cave, hiding out with her many rubber ducks. Some species suffer from sexlexia. The Teloka's favourite food is fondue.

Because of it's obsession with ducks and fondue, you must not go near a Teloka with either of these things. If you are attacked, she can be fought off using an onion, or a cucumber.
"Don't go near that Teloka, she'll throw a duck at you and steal your fondue!"

"Pass me that cucumber, here comes a Teloka!"
by Katiecorn April 21, 2008
A cow crossed with a computer crossed with a banana crossed with a unicorn. It has a cow's body, a computer for a head, a banana for a tail and a unicorn's horn.
"This teacher is as confusing as a cowcomanacorn."
"A what?"


"My favourite animal is a cowcomanacorn."

by Katiecorn April 16, 2008
When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, but you choose to ignore it.
"Sorry I'm late, my bus broke down!"
"No way, you were totally ignorning."

"I completely ignorned today so I'm feeling fresh."
by Katiecorn July 29, 2008
A small, sweet-natured but slightly retarded cat. Has eyes like those goldfish with eyes out to the sides. He is quite lovely, but very simple, and has noticable man-boobs. He likes to bite. His name cat be shortened to Algy.
"Algernon, come here so I can give you a cuddle!"

"Algernon, don't lie like that, we can see your man-boobs."

"Stop biting me, Algy!"
by Katiecorn October 18, 2008
A small town on the sunshine coast, australia, which is about two streets long. SRSLY.
It is inhabited by hippies and old people.
There is a giant mountain in the middle of Pomona which blocks out some radio signals, so it's impossible to get Triple J.
Nothing cool ever happens in Pomona, and everyone under the age of 30 who lives there wants to get away from it.
Pomona, Gympie and Nambour can all be lumped under the same category of 'People Who Live Here Are Born With 2 Heads'.
Pomona is sometimes called 'Poo Town'.
"You're from Pomona? Poor thing!"

"You live in Pomona? Keep away from me."

"I'm not allowed to visit you if you live in Pomona, my mother doesn't want me catching 'retarded'."
by Katiecorn October 18, 2008
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