Alexander is the most unpredictable person one will ever meet,but at the same time a gentlemen a girl will want to meet. A person who does not care about the world and does what is to be done. A very moody personality that will make you mad sometimes. He is friend of friends and will go out of his way to help them. He is loving,caring,very emotional and sensitive at times. He is mostly captured in a group of females around him. It is very easy to gel with an Alexander. You feel comfortable when Alexander is around you. Guys named Alexander have a huge female following. That might be a problem for Alexanders girlfriend sometimes.He is a born legend and if he decides,he can excels in every face of his life. "Alexander" according to its meaning "the saviour of earth".
There is Alexander standing in a group of girls.
by sarahafina April 05, 2014
a nice guy; decently honest; has a grudge again ocelots; gentleman; complicated; shy; sensitive; fun to be around. Quite possibly the greatest person in the world...Coolest of the cools.
"Alexander is such a gentleman!"
by liss smith March 17, 2010
Someone who is always there for you
Great kisser

Amazing singer

Best boyfriend in the world

Always knows what to say to make your day
Perfect smile


A guy who doesn't force u to do anything if you don't wanna

Alex is a guy that after u hang out with you can't stop smiling and can't wait till you can see him again

A guy who you can fall in love with easily
Friend:did u see Alexander or something

You:yessss!!! Why
Friend:cuz you can't stop smiling
by Babyyyy888888 February 19, 2015
A man who is quite skinny, funny, and can occasionally wear glasses. Alexander is so skinny, in fact, that he can even have a nickname such as "Stringbean." If you know Alexander you are always laughing. Alexander is not an athletic man, but it is hilarious when he tries to play sports. Alexander is secretly a video game nerd, who loves to play Call of Duty late at night when he is grounded. Overall, he is a great man.
by BallislifeXIV January 12, 2016
Most of the time, Alexander is overall a great, nice, funny person, with striking good looks. But, if you happen to get on his bad side, be prepared to be astonished as he pushes you away, and/or breaks your heart. Alexander is a great person, but can be bad sometimes. Handsome, funny, sweet, caring, loving, but don't let him fool you.
1: OMG! Alexander just broke up with me because I accidentally hurt his feelings...
2: AW! Are you ok?


1: OMG! Guys, I met this amazing guy named Alexander. He's so sweet!
2: Awesome! Hope he doesn't turn out to be the opposite!
by brokengirl_547 January 20, 2016
An alternative name for marijuana. Originates from 'Dubcek', the surname of Slovak politician Alexander Dubcek, which was used as a slang term for marijuana as the first syllable 'Dub' resembled the shortened version of the term 'doobie', 'doob'. Since then, the first name of the former chairman of the federal Czecho-Sloak parliament is used as a term, having identical meaning to both 'Dubcek' and 'Doobie'.
'Pass me the Alexander mate'
'Pricey's tonight, get the Alexander in'
'Smoke the Alexander'
'This Alexander tastes better than licking out Eve in the Garden of Eden'
by NathanTGiggla September 15, 2012
A short boy who usually isn't very social. Prefers to be inside watching sports than outside with others. Very awkward and sometimes referred to as a "troll".
Man did you see the new weird kid?

Yeah, his name is Alexander.
by TrollHunterX January 04, 2015

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