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Alexander = The greatest guy you will ever meet.

Contrary to other definitions, he is NOT a player. He is usually funny, hangs around with the girls a lot purely because the one he loves is in that gang. 'Emma's attract him the most ^-^

Not the most popular one to fall for, but in my case its not that hard. Alexanders like obscene or alternative bands, or just the old ones, but there's definite variety in his tastes. From what I've gathered, he's pretty secretive; you could call him modest, but he loves to show off in front of people that he knows admire him, yet are also very very very jealous.

The best Alexanders are from Bulgaria. The best Alexanders also have melting-chocolate eyes which you could just get lost in for hours. Musically talented, an Alexander will rock your world and leave you begging for more.
Random girl1: zomg justin bieber RULES <3
Alexander: No. Thats gotta be Coldplay. Or David Guetta. Or insert random obscure artist here
Me: (inside head) oh my god. we have the same tastes. OMG DONT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;_;
by You-Know-Who! February 17, 2012
Alexander, is often referred to as the prince, although he really is the god among men, a real stunner. Alexander is also a very clever guy. He got the brains with an IQ that exceeds most people, and he is probably as smart as he is hot. Nothing can hold him back, as he is a real gunner. Alexander was born lucky, he is the life's wheel of fortune, and people love to be around him and touch him, hoping they will get a bit of his lucky nature. Alexander is also a funny guy, a real people magnet. When you get to know this prince better, you will never let him go, since he is the sweetest and most caring person ever, a life saver and a sexy doctor. Alexander is sexy, and he knows it.
Girl 1: Wow, that prince screams sexiness
Girl 2: Yes, he must be an Alexander
Girl 1: Such a god
Girl 2: Alexander is DEIL!!
by luckyluckylucky May 23, 2013
Alexander: A noun mostly used as a name. People named Alexander tend to be very immature, hilarious, and rude person. Yet he's the best thing to ever happen to you. He's got a charm, and love affect, and even though he doesn't seem like it at first. He'll sweep you of your feet in seconds, but would drop you at any minute. He'll always want to be your number one, and make you feel as amazing as you can; when he's in the right mood. No ones the same, but every Alexander is. He'd do anything for anyone, and tends to give amazing hugs. He loves kissing, rough and soft, and is even more amazing in bed. His curiosity and surprises will blow you away. He'll make you want more and more of him every time you're with him.
"Hey did you know Alexander made her cum in 5 seconds?"
"I heard Alexander say some really mean things."
"Alexander is the cutest thing ever."
by RegularlyInsane April 09, 2013
An amazing guy with a great sense of humour and amazing musical talent. He loves spending time with family and will always be found on his computer. Really amazing.
" I met someone awsome yesterday..... But I just dont remember his name...."

" if he was awsome he MUST have been an Alexander"
by Fdsa1234 July 24, 2013
Alexander (Alex) will most of the times usually very shy, but as you get to know him, he will turn out to be not so bad aperson. He loves action, but doesnt usually hang around that many people. You will realize that as the years progress, he will be nicer, out there more, and more popular.
by lizzie1123 November 05, 2012
An adorably tall and funny tumblr boy with great taste in music.
"Hey, do you know that tall guy Alexander?"
"YES. He's so funny and cute."
by suavecriminal September 13, 2013
An absolutely amazing young man. A little teasy at times, but still is amazing. He's tall, tan skinned and wonderfully butted. He's the kind of guy who you will absolutely have a major crush on at first sight, and when he starts smiling, congratulations, you've completely fallen for him. Seriously though, the smile is to die for.
In general, DATE AN ALEXANDER. He is an amazing kisser and will make you happy for the rest of your existence. He's definitely a great guy who you'd be a dumb bitch for letting him slip out of hands. He's caring, loving, sensitive, understanding and just overall outstanding. He'll make you all hot and flustered until you completely melt. An Alexander is the best thing EVERRR.
my boyfriend is an Alexander and he is absolutely amazing!! <3
by whhhhhhhhitney June 17, 2014