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The mysterious man who is drop dead hot! He is loving,caring,sexy, affectionate, gentleman, athletic and extremely trustworthy. He looks after others and is very intelligent/wise. Every second with him will make your heart beat with pide and shine with happiness which surfaces with a smile upon your face. He knows the true way to a girls heart. He is a ladies man and a very naughty boy. You will never get him out of your head a day without him is a waste of your life.
Girl 1: Hey girl! Look its Alexandros
Girl 2: OMG! He is so hot
Girl 1: *sigh* he is so my Alexandros ;)
by AMysteryA January 07, 2014
23 2
He is the gayest of all, in love with himself. Passion for travelling and a great lover. Wise and experienced and takes charge in all situations.
Person 1: 'I've seen the most beautiful couple'

Person 2: 'Where?'

Person 1: 'Over there, I've walked past them three times, I can't stop starring!'

Person 2: 'Oh you're such an Alexandros'
by zisaki February 24, 2010
22 49