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The mysterious man who is drop dead hot! He is loving,caring,sexy, affectionate, gentleman, athletic and extremely trustworthy. He looks after others and is very intelligent/wise. Every second with him will make your heart beat with pide and shine with happiness which surfaces with a smile upon your face. He knows the true way to a girls heart. He is a ladies man and a very naughty boy. You will never get him out of your head a day without him is a waste of your life.
Girl 1: Hey girl! Look its Alexandros
Girl 2: OMG! He is so hot
Girl 1: *sigh* he is so my Alexandros ;)
by AMysteryA January 07, 2014
A big, jolly guy who doesn't give a fuck about anything. Work, rest or play he is one lazy fuck. Extremely annoying and sarcastic he somehow manages to get along with everyone. Enjoys hentai and long walks along the beach.
"Alexandro, did you get the work done?"
"Fuck off, I have more important things to do, like jerking off"
"When are you going to do it?"
"When it's due"
by darkrage504 February 09, 2015
He is the gayest of all, in love with himself. Passion for travelling and a great lover. Wise and experienced and takes charge in all situations.
Person 1: 'I've seen the most beautiful couple'

Person 2: 'Where?'

Person 1: 'Over there, I've walked past them three times, I can't stop starring!'

Person 2: 'Oh you're such an Alexandros'
by zisaki February 24, 2010
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