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From Greek descent, not Asian, meaning "helper" or "defender" supposedly considered the "Protector of Mankind". In the English-speaking world it is more commonly used as a feminine name. Generally this name relates to someone with an innate ability to help others.

Caring, love, forgiveness, trust, daring, loyalty, flirtatious, and overall compassion for others are strong traits within. Very personable, and has no problem going from adorable-church-going sweetheart to sexy, let's-do-something-crazy-now seductress. The name Alecsis is also highly related to physical traits of; dark hair, a seductive aura, a great smile, overall consuming beauty, extremely ticklish and typically short or 'fun size'.

The name Alecsis is closely related to many names, but unique in its own right. Take extra care when you meet her. She will make a great friend, listener, lover, and mother.
Alecsis has been best friend's with Lindsay for almost their whole lives.

Let's do something wild tonight. Hey I know, call sexy Lecsi. That girl can really get the party started.

Who's that hottie dancing on the bar? Doesn't she go to our church?

Yep, that's Alecsis, you should see her when she's not bored. ;)

Damn, she's gorgeous... and her friend. Those two are outta control. Definitely outta Ryan's league. Lucky b@$t@rd.
by Ralph Tyler February 08, 2010
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