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Alea is a tall thin, brown haired brown eyed beauty, with creamy white skin and a tint of rosey cheeks. she is the most beautiful goddess in the whole world. snd she has a good makeout tounge, and she is great in bed.
people love her.
friends are envious.
she likes it.
boy 1: that girl was so hot.
boy 2; yeah i think i saw her in that one victoria secret commercial.

boy 3; yeah she is such an Alea!
by ashton whitterr February 26, 2009
An amazing girl. Is never strate forward in what she wants to say. Very outgoing and rebelious. Beutiful and cool to hang with. Perfect (:.
"That alea girl is such a bitch."
by AKA anonymous (: September 20, 2009
Almost-love every about

The term you use when you love someone but don't want to say it to them yet
Boy: Goodnight, I'll talk to you tomorrow
Girl: Wait, I have to tell you something.. I alea you
Boy: I alea you too <3
by TheTmay January 20, 2016
A dumb stupid bitch who will leave your ass on the curb over some stupid shit.
Dawn- my girl broke up with me because she lost in monopoly
Hayden- damn, she must be an Alea!
by Sourvag December 10, 2015
Someone who will make you think your their best friend and then turn around and your not. She doesnt even realize that she's hurting someone...
Person: She is such an alea!
Person 2: I thought you guys were best friends
Person: me too...
by YourMommasMommasMomsSISTER July 01, 2010
a dark skinned woman, who thinks shes blonde; therefore she acts like a white cheerleader
ohh em gee! youre such an alea!
by candance September 13, 2007
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