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A really pretty girl, even though she can be mean, she's a very nice person. Lovable, friendly as you can be aaaaaand she's weird. Thats probably the first thing you'll notice. You can click with instantly an Alcina. Alcina is pure to the core. Overall great girl
Friend 1: You know any nice girls, mate?
Friend 2: There is this one girl that'll suit you just right, Alex.
Friend 1: Alright! Let me meet her, whats her name?
Friend 2: Alcina, she plays the cello like you.
by KevonDaSquirrel June 10, 2011
Eargasmic hardcore/metal/metalcore band from Tennessee that plays songs such as "A Fist Full Of Regret", "Kickin' It" and "The Tourniquet". They consist of high vocals, some deep vocals, and some clean vocals and some pretty cool guitar stuff

currently have one album out and it pretty much kills
Alcina pwnz lyk ttl 1337 sk337!
by Shane Moreno November 27, 2007
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