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a person who has accomplished virtually nothing in comparison to another person close to them, such as a sibling or a friend
Albert Einstein's mom: (on the phone) Oh hello, Albert! . . . The Theory of Relativity! Oh my! . . . You explained the photoelectric effect? . . . Nominated for a Nobel Prize for Physics! . . . Thats wonderful Albert! Absolutely wonderful! . . . Alright, love you too Albert! Goodbye!" (hangs up)
Albert Einstein's brother: (racing down the stairs) Mother! I just received my report card, I got A's in all of my classes!"
Albert Einstein's mother: But did you solve some the greatest questions in physics?
Albert Einstein's brother: I-I got all A's, mom.
Albert Einstein's mother: (sobs) . . . WHY CAN'T YOU BE HIM! (runs away crying)
Albert Einstein's brother: . . . damn f***ing smart piece of sh**. Where's the blowdryer? I'm going to go take a bath.
by PikaFan157 October 03, 2006
An extremely ugly man.
CHICK: Yuck! Look at that guy. Albert Einstein's brother, eh?

FOX: Albert Einstein's brother?

CHICK: Yeah, Albert Einstein's brother -- FRANK.

FOX: Oh, yeah, I get it. Yes, that is true!
by Stuck Up Bitch May 26, 2006