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He's one of the cuter guys with the sexiest body you'll find. He's sweet and caring at times but he can also be the biggest dick ever...But in the end he will care for who he loves and you're pretty lucky if he loves you! I'll do anything for an Alaster they are completely one of a kind and they all have their own special thing. Alasters are overal great and fun people to talk and hang out with.
Woah was that an Alaster, he's a damn fine piece of ass!
#hot #sexy #amazing #great #fantastic
by stacey_themilf May 28, 2014
4 Words related to Alaster
See alastair, same general concept
what is an alaster?
i told you,see alastair
#alaster #alastir #alastair #man #booty
by royaltenenbaum April 01, 2010
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