The chest area, usually for girls who wear extremely low-cut shirts with their boobs popping out of them.
Megan: Gee, Katie, nice shirt.
Katie: Yeah, it's my Alaska Shirt.
by kippylikeWHO? November 19, 2007
great place for digging oil
oil digger1: "hey wanna be rich?"

oil digger2: "sure, how?"

oil digger1: "lets go to alaska and steal all their oil"

oil digger2: "sounds like a plan!"
by cacaboy June 20, 2003
The chilly place up north with the cheap drugs, nasty women, good local beer, 36 Crazyfists, and the highest meth, cocaine, weed and alcohol usage rate in the entire continent, no shit. All underage.
"Want to go to Alaska this summer?"

"Hell no, unless you want to get some kick-ass weed, cuz there's nothing else to do."
by Silver Surfer April 13, 2006
Requesting a women do do something.

Also an American state next to Canada, worst luck, and its fucking cold!
"Alaska if she wants to go out with me!"
by Wubyoo Bush June 20, 2003
way tha fuck out in tha middle of nowhere. its part of the united states, but everyone forgets about it.
man, take a trip to alaska and never come back.
Shittiest state in the union. Alaskans carry themselves with and undeserved sense of accomplishment and superiority. Before I begin I'll tell you I lived there for a year (six months in the villages and six months in Anchorage and the valley) because of my work and that I have seen all the state has to offer and I'll list what those are here today. Alaska has the highest rape and sexual assault rate in North America. The average victim age was 16, 46% of these were referred for prosecution, with only about half resulting in convictions. So around 25% of those who committed sexual assault or rape will ever see jail time. This is believed to represent only a fraction of abuse actually committed in trooper jurisdiction. Still, Alaska has had the nation's highest per capita occurrence since 1995. According to statewide figures for 2003 and 2004 alone, there were 89 rapes per 100,000 people, almost three times the national average of 32 per 100,000. Alaska is also home to drunks, meth heads, child abusers, incestuous villages (incest is actually encouraged in most northern villages because of the low population), conservative gun wielding nut jobs, hunters, and of course xenophobic morons. People here are openly racist and loathe anyone who does not believe what they believe or feel how they feel. I've lived all over the U.S. including the south and I can safely say Alaska is the shittiest state in the union and that you would find far more tolerance in rural Alabama then in any part of Alaska. So I guess if you enjoy months of boredom, hating people with different ideas or a different culture, expensive shitty grass, meth heads out the wazoo, mosquitoes the size of your thumb, drunk driving accidents, rape, over zealous Christians everywhere (I've seen them in public schools, on sidewalks, on public buses, in native villages, even outside of an opposing religions church! And they're all ready to tell you you're going to hell if you don't worship their god), and child molesters then this is the place for you! Fuck Alaska and Fuck the morons who live here.
People come here for the mountains, people stay because they are addicted to meth and enjoy molesting their daughters. Oh and if you don't believe me or are considering moving up there I recommend you look up the info for yourself and you'll be amazed people were stupid enough to move to hell aka alaska.
by Glad I escaped from hell July 16, 2009
Alaska the most boring place in the US. At the moment it has the Highest molestation and rape rate, and the second highest suicide rate. Great place huh? Along with snow almost all year around there are very few things to do. Alaska is no heaven unless you are looking for cheep ass and shitty drugs. Oh and as a note.... There are no igloos and we do not ride polarbears around.
"So where are you moving?"
"that shithole?"
by Luciferb May 01, 2005
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