Alaska is a unique state at the most northern point of the united states. Although not connected to the lower 48's we like it that way. If not for the fact that we couldnt possibly defend our selfs we would and could be our own little country.. The best weed, people, and snowbording!!!
"alaska girls kick ass!!!!"
"unlike anywere else in the world"
by lizak August 16, 2007
The state everyone else comes to or is benifited from because it has the richest resources in the Union. It is also way bigger than Texas. Alaska is to Andre the Giant as Texas is to Pee Wee Hermans bung hole.
Jethro: 'Im going to Alaska to fish'.

Habib: 'I am going to Alaska to work on the cruise ship.'

Chan: 'I am going to Alaska to start a successful business'.

Janet: 'I am going to Alaska to work in the gold, copper, zinc, coal and granite mines'.

Shaquanda: 'I am going to work in Alaska and make 120K a year as a housekeeper on the N.Slope'.

Texan: 'I am going to stay in Texas, Alaska is bigger than me......2 1/2 times bigger, and i am scared.'

Texan 2: "I am going to stay in Houston cauls' that Alaska money shur is nice hur, ya hur."

Politician in DC: "I would love to get my hands on some of that Alaska money."

Igloo: "No one lives in me you dipshit."

Beer: "There is alot of me here, friend."

Yuppie: "Oh, it is a delight here, fabulous native culture."

Alaskan: "You are a bitch made Yuppie, do you pluck your eyebrows? WTF? You must be from Maryland."

Lower 48ter: "This place is Amazing!"

Alaskan: "I tried to be all coy and humble, but when you saw it you blushed...I told you 2 and half bigger than yours."

Texan: "But i am trapped in a womans body".
by akseerkris February 11, 2010
An impulsive person who's generally gender-confused and albino but is chic regardless. They generally smoke a lot, not for the sake of smoking, but to die. They're skilled in art, big bookworms, and are quite intelligent. Also, they are loved by their many followers and lead many tribes in Aprika, but hated by many as well for being so amazingly blunt, honest, beautiful, and incredibly witty. They are cold, vast, and open, and you can never get enough of them because the leave you with this terrifying curiosity and you're just completely captivated by their presence.
Girl: That girl is being a real bitch, but I can't help but to want to be her friend. She's so cool.
Boy: Oh, that must be an Alaska.
by alaska's fan September 05, 2011
Russia and America's love child. the place Russia didn't know what to do with so they sold it to the U.S..Home of Sara Palin. the place where democrats don't want to get oil from even though god knows if we have the oil on our own land we should use it and spend the extra money repaying the shit load of debt we have with china. Cold. Place where thirty days of night takes place. where Edward Cullen used to live. the place were we should put up a HUGE sign that says in Russian "HI RUSSIANS! <3" with a smiley face to improve relations with.
"oh Alaska..."
by american :I December 14, 2009
If it was cut in half then Texas would be the third biggest state. Known for being quite cold and for the mosquito being so big it might as well be the state bird. Also disgraced by Sarah Palin .
Despite common belief, it does not always snow in Alaska.
by Onionbro March 17, 2015
Alaska is so awesome!!!! people from alaska are so pimped out.

thats right

and don't forget that chicago sux
when you see someone from alaska they just turn you on, LIKE CRAZY!
by hotsfopalin March 06, 2010
Anal Sex.

It is dark, damp, muddy, and everyone wants to go there once, but once you've been there, ....
My girlfriend finally let me to go to alaska, but I don't think that will be happening again.
by Damn Right1111 August 28, 2012

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