The feeling you get when someone hits the G-spot. Gasping in ecstasy.
Megan: "Hey! How was last night with David?"

Daniella: "OMG it was like WOW! He made me Alanna!"

Megan: "You are so lucky"
by LOTUS72YY March 27, 2010
1) A redheaded beauty with a cracked Lula. According to Randall

2) Something you say to express great anger or frustration, especially when you're on the toilet trying to pop a big one out.

3) A lovely bitch from hell with large meat curtains.
1) That girl Katie is such an alanna, she's so pretty, even though she has a cracked Lula. According to Randall

2) Oh alanna! I just made a large poop!

3)Jessica looks like an alanna today with her flappy lips down south.
by Jorge Ohh January 31, 2008

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