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A word undefined by urban dictionary, but is a Mexican last name. This last name is usually found the 956 area. The people who have this last name are big dick manwhore Mexican bad asses.
Guy 1: Alaniz's are such badasses man.
Guy 2: I wish my last name was Alaniz
by Tituba69 January 15, 2014
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The last name of a dumbass friend who claims that all alaniz's are "big dick manwhore Mexican bad asses"
by Tituba69 January 15, 2014
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Alaniz is a beautiful girl, very funny, if your alaniz friend u should be proud to be alaniz friend.nice person, sweet,and preety,can be mean sometimes and is a badass, dont mess with here shell beat u the fuck up.... Also the nices person on earth can be dumb sometimes. But is very funny, nice , mean sometimes... u should love alaniz....... people alaniz is awsome cool girl and a cool person to hang with...... so a girl name alaniz or for shot laniz is an cool girl u should hang with her....
Alaniz is a preety good friend and sticks up for her best friends
by Qveen.alaniz April 12, 2017
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