When you pull the scrotum, with two hands, further then the end of the penis, making it look like penis (Alladin) is sitting on top of the scrotum (the magic carpet).

Running around, making whooshing sounds or screaming "Jasmine! Wanna go for a ride!?" while doing it is recommended but certainly not a must.
Jafir: Hey Jenny, would you like to ride Aladdin's magic carpet?

Jenny: Yeah... sure.

Jafir: Do you trust me?

Jenny: What? ...I guess so.

Jafir: *drops pants*
by FoodCatsEat December 14, 2009
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When you shove 100 dollar bills up someones ass and they fart them out and make them fly like Aladdins magic carpet.
Bro, the other night we got some strippers and had them Aladdins Magic Carpet through the living room
by DiamondX November 20, 2014

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