Al Gore, a one-time vice-president serving under Bill Clinton, best known as a staunch environmentalist and the self-described “inventor of the internet” – a claim Gore later repeated only in self-mockery.

The Vice President backtracked significantly on environmental issues as he pandered to middle-of-the-road voters in the run-up to the 2000 U.S. election. Ultimately Gore won the most votes overall, but lost to the Self-Proclaimed President, George Bush (see electoral college) in the aftermath of the strangest and most public vote-recount in history, in the State of Florida.

The issue was resolved by the unprecedented intervention of the greatest three-ring circus on earth, the U.S. Supreme Court. The court then held their own election for president, finding for Bush in a party-line split decision – essentially invalidating the votes of several million U.S. citizens.

Numerous investigations had contrary findings about who actually won in Florida, but no one argues the fact that Al Gore won the popular vote. Gore later repeated this fact so many times that even many of his supporters were glad to see him go.

Afterwards, Gore faded to near-invisibility, which he attempted to overcome by declining to shave, and by making the odd televised appeal to Americans about things that no one remembers anymore.

In the long run, he may be best-remembered for his slide-show (and later film) about the threat of global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth”. But then, if his predictions are correct and everything is burned to a crisp, maybe not.
Al Gore saying #1: “You win some, you lose some—and then there’s that little-known third category.”
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by MasterPlanz June 07, 2006
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Vice President under Clinton. Ran for President in 2000, he won the popular vote, but lost by 500 votes in Florida because the election was fixed by Jeb Bush and Catherine Harris.
If Al Gore was president in 2001, 9/11 would not have happened.
by j05h May 14, 2005
Al Gore NEVER said he "invented" the internet, this was pinned on him by the conservative media after he said he "helped to create the internet". Senator Al Gore was instrumental in getting congress to fund ARPANET, the pre-curser to the internet. He was only doing what all politicians do, taking credit for a pet project that he believed in and worked hard to fund.

It's exactly like saying Bush attacked Iraq, he didn't actually do it, but he was the main government figure that made it happen.
In his own words, Al Gore "helped to create the internet", which is true.
by Juan Gomez May 11, 2005
A decent hardworking guy who would've been a good president. Given the CIA warnings in August 2001, he would have worked his tail off trying to prevent 9/11. I think he might have succeeded.
Would Al Gore have prevented 9/11? Seems possible!
#9/11 #george bush #president #al qaeda #2001 election
by Richard Locke Peterson July 17, 2008
Almost president. Damn near president... *sigh*
I remember the 2000 US presidential election... that damn Dubya. Damn Floridians; die, Jeb Bush!
Al Gore, you could have been the US prez instead of this moron Bush.
#al gore #president #shoulda woulda coulda #usa #2000
by Kerilyn May 30, 2006
Vice President under Clinton. He Ran for President in 2000 and won the popular vote, but lost by 500 votes in Florida because the election was fixed by Jeb Bush and Catherine Harris.
If Al Gore would have fought harder in 2004, the American Taliban wouldn't have been able to steel the election again in 2004.
by Juan Gomez May 29, 2005
Former Vice President (45th Vice President), Global Warming/Environmental Activist, Author, Businessman, Academy Award Winner, Prime Time Emmy Award Winner, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and winner of other various awards including a Grammy. Won the 2000 Presidential race but was forced to concede to incompetent, racist, homophobic, gold digging shit for brains Bush due to unfair and idiotic Supreme Court decision. He has his own website and more respect and admiration than Bush will ever get.
It's a shame that Al Gore wasn't allowed to be the President of the United States, instead we got stuck with that retarded shit for brains bible thumping cowboy Bush.
#vice president #nobel prize #academy award #global warming #author
by BluBoi1976 August 05, 2011
If he was single, he'd be the most eligible bachelor in the history of the world.
Al Gore: Hi, I've won an Oscar, a Nobel Prize, and I invented the Internet. Nice to meet you.
Woman: My place, NOW.
#eligible bachelor #internet #nobel prize #oscar #stud
by marblewonder November 11, 2007
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