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The act of smashing a bottle of alcohol over an individual's head when having sex, preferably from behind.
I really was sick of having sex with this girl so I just took the bottle of Jack Daniel's next to my bed and al caponed her so I could go to bed.
by Cookie Crisp February 25, 2012
6 11
a small,filterless,cogniac-dipped cigar.
by sky May 09, 2003
48 71
The process of luring/seducing a partner into sex, and then promptly abandoning the partner afterwards. Also known as bang and run.
I went bang bang al capone on Sally, that sorry cokehead whore---I love free sex.
by flylikegumby December 05, 2006
9 47
Al Capone or Alphonse Capone is undoubtedly the most famous gangster in the world.

However, he is in NO way, shape, or form the most powerful who ever live. Most people believe he is the most powerful just because he is the most famous. Actually, there were many more gangsters who were more powerful than he was.

Also, he was not the most influential. Most sources believe Lucky Luciano is the most influential gangster who ever lived.

There are so many misconceptions running around Al Capone mainly, once again, because he is simply the most famous. If one were to take into account every gangster who ever lived and rank them according to power and influence, then Capone would rank very high, but he would be nowhere near the top. One's best bet on getting proper information about Al Capone is to read it from Wikipedia or CrimeLibrary.
Al Capone; the gangster Chicago still hates to this day.
by BusinessMan January 16, 2006
61 105