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Someone who is full of life, and has undying optimism!
He is such an akshaya! Despite losing the race so many times he still hasn't given up!
#akshaya #life #happy #optimism #awesome
by Winnie12345677 April 22, 2011
n. (1) An incredibly annoying and cuntish person who continually refuses to do anything for himself. (2) A man whose balls haven't dropped.

See Dumbfuck for more information.
Hari: I need answers for the AIIMS question papers.
Krishna: You're such a fucking akshaya, go study and pass the test yourself.

Ram: I want to go bungee jumping, but I'm too afraid.
Girish: Stop being such an akshaya and grow a pair.
#dumbfuck #cunt #dick #asshole #brute #manbitch
by nomonotha September 26, 2008
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